Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

                              Q: Why outsource my bookkeeping functions?

                              A: Our degreed professionals do a professional job. By outsourcing a highly administrative function like bookkeeping allows business owners to have the support they need from Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors who use their experience and knowledge of finance and accounting to use the software successfully. We seek to support businesses that want to increase profitability and growth and eliminate the frustration of bookkeeping tasks.

                              Q: How will it benefit my business? 

                              A: Most likely at this time you have no accounting or a miss managed accounting system that isn’t being used to your advantage.  Whatever your small or mid-size business needs are, we have streamlined an accounting system that will increase productivity in day-to-day operations and minimize expenses. Outsourcing eliminates the need to hire, train and house personal. With your books being properly managed, you now have more time to focus on marketing, customer relations and development of your business. 

                              Q: Will I lose control over my books and money?

                              A: No, you are a business owner or entrepreneur so that you have the freedom to make business decisions for yourself. You have control over all transactions and with on-demand access you can see all work completed. Our professionals are here to support and advise you to where you want to be.

                              Q: What software do I need to purchase?

                              A: No software needs to be purchased unless you have no accounting system. Then licenses to use the software are needed (included with min.10 hours bookkeeping monthly). If you currently have a version of QuickBooks we can host your books and manage them.

                              Q: How will I access my data?

                              A: Our low-cost, efficient technology gives you 24/7/365 real-time access to our secured server to view and manage your books from any Internet connection at anytime. As an authorized user, you will also have the ability to print at your location and view documents submitted to your account.

                              Q: Who owns my data and files?

                              A: You own your files and you are able to download them back to your local computer if you decide to discontinue the service.

                              Q:How secure is my information?

                              A: All accounts have industry standard protection, the same as online banking. Our servers are firewall protected, plus there are two login requirements to access your books and all files are 128bit SSL encrypted. Additionally all books are backed-up daily in case of any physical damage to your computer or location. This protection beats your current security of documents sitting on your desk or in your car.

                              Q: Can others access my files?

                              A: Yes, with your authorized permission we grant users access to your files for review of data by tax managers, business advisors or investors. We can also limit the amount of access and work a particular individual can do or see.


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