About FAScorp QuickBooks Services

                              Our FAScorp QuickBooks Services Team 

                              Our Accounting Manager 

                              Education and Professional Memberships
                              - B. A. Accounting, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
                              - A.S.A Accounting Students Association
                              - I.I.A. Institute of Internal Accountants
                              - F.I.C.P.A. Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants
                              - I.M.A. Institute of Management Accountants
                              Our Senior Accountant and Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors have been putting their knowledge of business and numbers to good use for some of the largest insurance and management companies in South Florida.

                              Why Florida Accounting Solutions?


                              Our cost-effective solution has identified what causes most business to fail and has developed a new approach to overcome them. FAScorp eliminates the need to buy any software or software updates and eliminates the need to hire, train or house personnel. We seek to help you cut overhead costs, stay within your small business budget and attain the return you’re seeking all in a convenient and reliable way.

                              Accurate, Timely Financial Information:

                              Make confident decisions knowing your finances are accurately recorded and up-to-date by our Professionals. We strive to deliver you a picture of where your business stands between your QuickBooks account and bank account(s). Simply fax, scan or e-mail pertinent information and we will update your books accordingly.

                              Convenience with Anytime, Anywhere Access:

                              Our accounting solution makes location irrelevant. With instant access to your books from any Internet connection, your information is available to access 24/7, on-demand with fully-functional capabilities. Whether you have a home office, off-site office, warehouse, laptop or any other Internet capable device, you can view your information instantly. As your complete outsourced solution we want to make running your business easier and less stressful.

                              More Free Time and Space:

                              Keeping track of finances and accounting for everyday business is a task that needs to be attended to frequently. Since your too busy running your business, outsource this function to experts who can help you achieve your business goals at an affordable cost. By utilizing virtual space to store documents and financial data will eliminate the pile of papers that may have become a permanent fixture in your home, office or car. This is you using your entrepreneurial mind to good use!

                              Access to Friendly Experts and Professionals When You Need:

                              As experts of bookkeeping, accounting and especially QuickBooks, our knowledge is available to our clients at no extra cost. Our Pro Advisor has the experience and qualifications to better your business. As your accounting team, we keep your questions answered within 24 hours and will help guide you to make better business decisions. Our business is to help your business.

                              Reliability You Can Count On:

                              Using a hosted remote management service guarantees dependability and reliability over in-house employees or freelancers. We have a high standard of quality and all our associates are knowledgeable, trained and experienced in the specifics of this industry and financial software. Our bookkeepers and accountants aren’t leaving us or you at anytime. Plus our daily back-up’s protect and save your businesses critical information in case of any emergency or equipment failure.

                              You’re Still In Control:

                              You stay in control of running your business; we just take care of your books. You have the ability to run reports, enter invoices or customers, pay bills or print checks locally. We want you to have the entrepreneurial freedom you deserve!


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